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Our History

In 2016, we noticed that supplying urea for animal nutrition was a two players market niche in Brazil.

We studied this market, listened to some cattle feed producers, and based on the weaknesses in the supply chain at that time, we decided to offer Quality, Accessibility, and Good Customer Service to the market. From that perspective, INOVA UNIVERSE was born, with the main goal of importing feed grade urea of excellent quality into the Brazilian market, which we named U-Protein®.

From that decision to our first import, 3 years went by. In October 2019 we received our first batch.

We haven’t stopped since then. With hard work and respect for the principles that guide our actions and decisions at INOVA UNIVERSE, we have been experiencing significant growth, and we will keep growing.


Our headquarters are in the city of São Paulo/SP. U-Protein® warehouse and distribution center is in the port city of Itajai, Santa Catarina State.


Brazilian animal husbandry is recognized worldwide for its technology, production and mainly for the safety involved. As everyone can see, Brazil is one of the main suppliers of animal protein to the world. Therefore, we acknowledge our responsibility and commitment to our customers, and to the laws and regulations of this sector. Because of this commitment we have sought to signing a supply agreement with a provider which is internationally recognized for its quality and is GMP+ Certified.


With more than 40 years of expertise in commerce for various segments, we have learned that businesses are made upon building good relationships. A friend will always help, support, give preference. However, this professional friendship does not arise from the existing methodologies/technologies, it is established and consolidated through contact, handshake, and moments of interaction, through the presence and understanding of the needs of each customer. Each customer is unique and wants to be treated as such.

The closer the better.


We work towards excellence in service. Being the best is our foundation. The speed and celerity in providing estimates, in decision making, in responding to customers, and, most importantly, in warehousing and shipping are features that make the difference to our customers’ experience at Inova Universe.